Shahnawaz Hussain embarrasses himself

A few days ago BJP was forced to remove Sambit Patra because of his irrelevance way of speaking, which sparked quite a few debates. Recently the Prime Minister himself faced an embarrassing situation Puducherry ko vanakkam. Now Shahnawaz Hussain National Spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party succeeded in embarrassing himself and the party.

In the live debate on the news channel Aaj Tak when anchor pointed out that the CMD (Chairman and Managing Director) of Hindustan Aeronautics had said the company’s cash-in-hand was negative, Shahnawaz Hussain interrupted in between by responding that cash in hand was unnecessary considering as cashless economy was created.

shahnawaz hussain

Whereas the term used, refers that they have no money in their hand to pay their employees even.

In the beginning, anchor thought that BJP spokesperson is taking it as a joke and warned him about the level of seriousness on the topic but, later he identified that Shahnawaz Hussain has lack of knowledge on the subject.

The video is widely shared on social media and twitterati are having some hilarious reaction to Shahnawaz Hussain ‘s ill-information.