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One of the Bollywood legendary filmmakers, Subhash Ghai, has accused a woman of rape. Mahima Kukreja, a woman who accused of sexually assaulting Utsav Chakravarti on the Kamadeyan festival, shared screenshots of conversation with the victim. The victim shared the entire incident with her.

The woman said:

‘It all happened when I was working in a film with Subhash Ghai. He told me that he would guide me and move forward. There was no godfather or friend in my industry, so I said to them. In the beginning, he used to take me to the recording studio where I had to sit down with many male members for late night. Later one day, he slowly kept his hand on my thigh and embraced me and said that I had done a great job.

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Then he started calling me for a script session in his small apartment located in Lokhandwala. He used to say that he used to read scripts along with other actresses there too. When I arrived there, he was alone. His wife did not live there.

Instead of the script, he began to tell me how they all misunderstood in the industry, and I am the one who likes them. He started pretending to cry and put his head in my lap. When he was getting up, he forcefully kissed me. I told only two more girls about this, along with whom Subhash Ghai had behaved like this.

Subhash Ghai

One evening it was late after music session Subhash Ghai decided to take a drink. There is always a drink in his car. He gave me a spiked drink, and I thought he is dropping me home. But he asked driver Babu to take us to Lonavla. I was getting into the senses. Whenever the senses come, I will ask where we are going and leave me the house.

He took me to the Fariyas hotel. Where he often go to write, and they have a suite ready for him. I was wobbly, but he held me and took me to the suite. He took off my jeans, and he mounted me. I was trying to scream, but he put his hand on my mouth and was also not very lucid because of the drug in my drink. I cried, and then I lost consciousness. Next morning when I wake up, he had toast. The couch had red marks, and it was scattered. Sunlight screamed at me, and I got vomited.

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Subhash Ghai dropped me home. I didn’t go office for the next few days only to receive a call that if I quit now, I’ll not get the salary. Worked for one more week, left after that and never seen him after that.

Subhash Ghai denied charges:

Talking to PTI, Subhash Ghai denied all these allegations. He said — It is unfortunate that the name of one another is being defamed by sharing the old and baseless stories on social media. I completely reject all the allegations.

It’s a shame how this count is increasing every day. Women’s are speaking out. All started with Tanushree DuttaAIB came, Utsav ChakrabortyAnurag Verma from HuffPost India, also Jeeveshu AhluwaliaRajat KapoorAlok NathGaurang Doshi from Bollywood with Vairamuthu the Tamil lyricist as well. MJ Akbar is also accused by several women’s. It’s actually difficult to recall all the names as these are coming thick and fast.