Subhash Ghai
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Since the Tanushree Dutta spoke out about harassment on Nana Patekar, which initially started India own MeToo movement. After that women came out can speak about what they have faced. Several stand up comedians, as well as names from Bollywood came out. After one severe allegation on film director Subhash Ghai of drugging and raping former employee. A journalist with charges on Subhash Ghai.

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This is about Subhash Ghai, the man with an ultimate filmography. A few months back, when I got the opportunity to interview him, I grabbed the chance. At first, the interview was supposed to happen at a hotel room. Thankfully, it got shifted to a breakfast chat.

The man showed more interest in knowing my background. I was fine until he asked me about having a boyfriend, the number of boyfriends I’ve had if my family knows about it and how getting physical in a relationship was very normal today.

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The topic of the interview was Osho. As we spoke about his work on the subject, the conversation drifted to more about sexual content, which made me extremely uncomfortable. It was too much to bear for me when he began clicking my photo on his phone despite me telling him “sir, I’m not comfortable, please don’t.”

He told me – “aren’t we friends now?” And I had no answer. I kept saying – “But sir, I’m not comfortable with you clicking my photos.” He continued: He clicked photos and even showed those photos to me.

Then he asked a waiter to click a photo of us together. I still wasn’t okay with it. I asked him to use my phone instead. He denied. He said he has a better phone and a camera. I was waiting for an escape but froze because I couldn’t believe and act according to the situation. Later, just for courtesy (which I do after every interview), I dropped him a text message thanking him for his time, and he replied – “I’m in Delhi for tomorrow and day after, come visit me anytime.”

That freaked me out. A) I was there for work. B) I was so shocked at his reply that I couldn’t give it back to him at that time, an appropriate response. I did say no which went unheard. When I shared it with my colleagues, they were furious, but I was numb. I did not know how to react to all that happened for many days. I shared my experience to encourage more people who have faced similar stuff in the hands of Subhash Ghai or anyone else, to come forward and tell your story. This is to give them the courage that they aren’t alone!

It’s a shame how this count is increasing every day. Women’s are speaking out. All started with Tanushree DuttaAIB came, Utsav ChakrabortyAnurag Verma from HuffPost India, also Jeeveshu AhluwaliaRajat KapoorAlok NathGaurang Doshi from Bollywood with Vairamuthu the Tamil lyricist as well. MJ Akbar is also accused by several women’s. It’s actually difficult to recall all the names as these are coming thick and fast.