Rape-Accused Alok Nath To Play Judge In A Movie That Revolves Around #MeToo

Bollywood industry was completely shaken after multiple allegations came up against multiple industry stars in the awake of #MeToo movement. The movement isn’t making the same news but, the women’s are still fighting. One of the shocking names which came was of Alok Nath. Vinita Nanda accused Alok Nath of raping him.

Alok Nath Accused Of Rape And Sexual Harassment
source: pinkvilla.com

Now, a man who is an accused of  #MeToo will play the role of a judge who takes a strong stand against sexual harassment in the movie which names “Main Bhi” or “MeToo.” — reported by Mumbai Mirror

When contacted the actor said: 

“I’m not doing any films at the moment. This was something I shot for a while ago. Is there a problem? You sound sad that I’m doing a film. It’s a puny role for poor producers, let it release.”

Apart from this Actor Khalid Siddiqui who plays one of the leads in the Nasir Khan-directed film, also confirms the same and said that Alok Nath will deliver the speech in the end about how molestation is wrong.

Sandhya Mridul Accused Alok Nath Of Sexual Harassment.

Alok Nath who previously had this image of Sanskari Babuji and playing similar roles completely wiped out after the allegation by Vinita Nanda and Sandhya MridulTwitter is infuriated after the news broke out of casting a rape-accused in such a sensitive story.