Independence Day Armed Forced Film by Parle-G

India will be celebrating its 72nd Independence day, and Parle G is paying tribute to the soldiers who fight keeps the nation safe from against all the odds. These soldiers are the reason why we can sleep peacefully but, the story of there bravery remains unknown. This beautiful film on army men is a tribute to our soldiers on Independence Day.

The film shares the story of a soldier and their family. How their families and the army men have to pay. The story is the same for all the brave hearts. They sacrifice there today to give all of us a better tomorrow.

They know very little that hundreds of kilometres away, the heart of a child, a brother, a sister, a mother, a father and a wife and husband is eager to catch a glimpse of their loved ones. Holidays are lost, calls unreturned and messages unread, such is the life of our soldiers.

As a part of their #YouAreMyParleG initiative, Parle Products is asking people to share stories of such brave hearts who have been guarding our borders for decades.