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Using a smartphone is a necessity now. But, collecting them is probably we haven’t heard of. This guy named Jayesh Kale from Thane, Mumbai have this unique collection of Nokia devices. He started collecting these cell phone from 2013 and has gone on to collects the devices since then. He also has Limca record for his collection in India.

Journey of Piyush Kale:

So, back in his college, he dropped a Nokia device from the second floor. The phone was into pieces. He assembled and switched it on, and the phone worked to his surprise. He says – I didn’t fall in love for Nokia, Nokia fell for me. Later he went to buy a new phone, then another & another. Buying again & again then, suddenly he realised he already has 20 phones. He continued buying, and the whole of his house is filled with Nokia Phones.

Collection OF Jayesh Kale - aTrendHub

He also has a lot of stuff apart from the phone. Accessories like Bodies, Headphones, Chargers as well. There was n number of boxes too. But because of space he got rid of that stuff.

Collection Of Jayesh Kale - aTrendHub

Collecting all these stuff have also troubled him a few times. From the customs department, during the car checking. Whenever the security people check the car, and they detect something, and it starts beeping, which leads to n number of questions. These are frustrating said, Mr. Kale.

Custom agencies also came and asked a lot of question. Piyush buys a lot of stuff from eBay, Uk. They called me so, and I went to meet them. They started asking me so many questions like How can you use a satellite phone in India. It’s illegal. Then we told them I’m into Nokia collection, Showed them my Limca record and then some legal paperwork was required.

Limca Record of Piyush Kale - aTrendHub

He says, around 10-11 lakh have spent to build this collection. These phones are worth approx 40 lakh, and he says, he does not want to sell them in the near future. He is also planning to go for the World Record.

Piyush Kale with his Collection - aTrendHub

This guy has some fantastic collection which is unbelievable. His parents as well his Wife are proud of his collection. His friends also appreciate him about his astounding collection. Currently, he has more than 1200+ devices in his collection.


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