Researcher Asked What Men & Women Do To Avoid Sexually Assaulted. Answers Will Hit You Hard

Women around the world witness sexual assault which is a shame. Exactly a year ago MeToo movement raised plenty of incidents which women shared who experienced sexual assault. A Social Researcher asked a serious question to both the gender.

What men do on a daily basis to avoid being sexually assaulted. Later he asked women.

The answer will hit hard for everyone.

Men have just one answer to it whereas for women — It’s a never-ending list. After this tweet, the list extended much further.

Women need to attentive always. Despite taking n number of precautions, these cases are not halting.

Sadly, It goes on for the lifetime, not only at some specific age.

After taking endless precautions Sexually Assaulted goes on somehow.

For Men : Simply, I don’t think about it

“I once complained of loneliness on a business trip & my husb asked why I didnt walk to the bar & have a drink.
I answered “bc men & women live in 2 very different worlds”

The world should be the same for everyone. This need to change and change soon.

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