Netflix Trolled Zomato

Radhika Apte and Netflix are inseparable, and Netflix proved it once again. Yesterday when Netflix announced they would be casting Radhika Apte in there another Netflix original. Twitter just meltdown with the meme on Radhika Apte and Netflix. Moreover, Netflix was just happy to take all the tweets. Zomato wakes up today.

After these sequence of action happened today, Zomato came into the party and tweeted: “that not only Radhika but even Paneer is versatile. Zomato listed down few dishes having Paneer.”

Here’s what Zomato Tweeted:

The food delivering company tried to compare Paneer with Radhika by being everywhere which caught Netflix’s attention. Netflix spotted the alphabets from the tweet of Zomato which could make the word Radhika and tweeted it she is omnipresent.

That was some creativity from the Netflix and was also spot on. Not only this, but Netflix also tweeted that Padman is now streaming on their platform to grab attention.

After all, this was going on but, Netflix wasn’t satisfied. In their official Instagram account, they changed their bio to “Just another Radhika fan account.”

Looking all this, Netflix is going to another level in trolling to one another.