Radhika Apte Is The New Meme Trend

Before it was Anuksha Sharma, today it’s Radhika Apte, The Netflix Specialist. Radhika Apte is doing back to back Netflix originals and people around are tired up seeing her again and again and in one after another series.

People around gave a much-needed rest to Anuksha Sharma and made Radhika Apte the new meme trend.

Lust Stories, Sacred Games, and now Ghoul Radhika Apte is in all. People made there point clear and had turned into social media to make meme on her and they are quite hilarious.

Here are some of the Funniest Radhika Apte memes going viral on the Internet.

But Netflix knows how to get back to people. They actually went ahead to make a parody video, which is the next level of self trolling.

Radhika Apte Is The New Meme Trend

All this will Anuksha Sharma will give the much needed break.