#PappuKiMaths (Pichattis)
source : Twitter

Rahul Gandhi occasionally does something which is quite funny. In his public meeting, he uses such sentences which are funny and the same with the words.

Rahul Gandhi making blunder is nothing new now. The latest error he made is the discovery of Pichattis and Pappu Ki Maths started to trend on Twitter which trolled Rahul Gandhi.Rahul Gandhi

As election gear up in five states in the country, Congress President is speaking in a public Rally in Madhya Pradesh to get votes in favour of his party. While talking about the statistics of unemployment in Madhya Pradesh, he pronounced (Pacheter) 75 as Pichattis as he can’t pronounce the word twice and made the same mistake both the time.

Rahul Gandhi Pichattis Statement:

Here’s how Twitter Reacted:

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Everyone Knows. There is only one

Pappu Ki Maths

Only Rahul Gandhi can do this


Still ends up learning Pichattis

Dude, You have a treasure.

Because He has his own dictionary

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New Number to be introduce when RaGa becomes PM.😂

You Got that Right Bro

C. Ronaldo Perfectly Decoded Pichattis With Celebration

As every speech goes. Nothing new.

Sorry Folks, But Pichattis deserve that.