Rahul Gandhi
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Attracting voters during the election is old trends, and it continues. A politician going to certain extend to gets votes in there favors to making jokes of opposition. Extending voices against there rival are all common things during the election campaign.

As election gear up in five Indian states politician has started campaign to attract the voters. Whatever it takes to get votes is what politician are in for.

Rahul Gandhi while the campaign for his party in Chhattisgarh found a doppelganger of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Interestingly, the lookalike named Abhinandan Pathak was earlier a state vice-president for UP’s BJP-led NDA. He left the party and joined Congress later.

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Look who I found campaigning for the Congress party in Chhattisgarh 😎 #chhattisgarh #modi #election #congress #india

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Rahul Gandhi posted a snap with him on Instagram. Ever since it became a topic of discussion on social media. Twitterati starts what they are best at.

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