Donald Trump
source : Twitter

Being an American President is a tough job. You are always on news. Donald Trump is no different. He gets trolled whatever he does. This time he was trolled for wishing Diwali but not the right way. 

This year Diwali was on November 7th and the American president Donald Trump wished Diwali on Children’s Day. Exactly a week later.

So he does wish Diwali. Nevertheless, derr aaye, durrust aaye. But, how on Earth he does forget to mention Hindu.

He mentioned Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains but not Hindu’s in his tweet.

However, he forgets to mentioned Hindu’s in his tweet, but in a video posted by The White House on their YouTube channel he does say Hindu in the starting itself.

Twitter being Twitter started to troll Donald Trump soon after his tweet.

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