Man In Pakistan Climbs Mobile Tower
source : Twitter

A man in Islamabad, Pakistan climbs the mobile tower and threatens to kill himself if not made Prime Minister of the Country. The man, identified as Muhammad Abbas with a Pakistani flag in hand climbed up a tower in the blue area of Islamabad.

The man said he could better manage Pakistan. He can improve economic conduction and have abilities to clear all the debts in six months.

Police and the rescue agencies reached the spot and tried to bring the man down from the tower. But, he maintained that he would only come down if he is assured to be made Prime Minister or if the arrangement is made to talk with PM Imran Khan.

After serious attempt and assurance from the Police and agencies the man refused to come down. Later the mimic artist by name Shafaat Ali talked to the man in Prime Minister’s voice.

He talked to Shafaat Ali, the mimicry artist for about five minutes. He taught he is talking to Prime Minister Imran Khan himself and later climbed down.

Police have taken the man into custody and have moved him to the area police station.