Pak Lies on F-16 shot down (India-Pakistan)

Tension is high between India and Pakistan from the Pulwama attack and significantly grown up after the Indian Air Force attacked at the multiple terrorist training camps.  To counter the Indian attack Pakistan Air Force yesterday tried to enter into the country but, failed.

IAF is on the alert which led to the failure of Pakistan attack on India when they tried to violate the Indian air space.

In the press brief by MEA spokesperson, Raveesh Kumar said: In the airspace violation by Pakistan F-16 was shot down by India forces. In the encounter, India also lost one MiG-21 and the pilot is missing.

Pak Lies on F-16 shot down (India-Pakistan)

However, Pakistan said F-16 didn’t fly then how it can be shot down. Today, the news agency ANI gathered evidence of the images of F-16. They posted on Twitter in which Pakistani officers are present in the area where F-16 was shot down.

Yesterday, Pakistan lied that they have arrested two of our pilot but, by evening they accepted it to be one. Here, in the F-16 as well they lied which is exposed.

Multiple activities are taking place on Border and meetings are taking place in the national capital to plan the strategy of moving forward.