Nawaz Sharif Sentenced for 7 years
source : AFP

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had been sent to jail for seven years by the anti-corruption court on Monday in Islamabad. Former Pakistani PM has been accused of several corruption charges and was found guilty of one by the court.

Last year Sharif was disqualified from his office for hiding the income which he earned from his son’s company, and since then former PM was is surrounded by trouble.

Earlier this year Pakistan’s three-time leader was handed ten years in Jail along with her daughter who had sentenced for seven years for not able to provide the income detail by which he purchased the luxury flats in London. He was released in September from the above charges.

Nawaz Sharif Sentenced for 7 years
source : Reuters

Now, he has been cleared of all charges except the ones related to the steel mills in Al Azizia. For the same, he had been given seven years jail and a fine of $25 Million for the same.

However, it is expected that the Sharif and his lawyers will knock the door of the higher court.

The country’s Twitterati welcomes the decision :

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