WhatsApp Group Video Call Feature is Out

Ever since long time Facebook owned Whatsapp was working on this particular feature. Several testing related to it were going on, and finally, App is live with this feature. Now, you can make a voice as well as video call in a group from your WhatsApp.


WhatsApp is a top messaging app for Mobile devices from a long time. It has become an essential part in everyone’s life. Many individuals are also using it to grow their business as well. Time after time the messaging app upgrades its App and roll out new features for its user. There are several App in the market similar to it but, this app is sitting on the top without any competition.

How to use new Whatsapp feature.

It is very simple to do it.

  • Update App from Play Store or App Store to its latest version.
  • Start a Video Call and then add multiple people whom you wanted to add.

WhatsApp Group Video Call Feature is Out

The new Group Video call feature is currently limited to four participants. The new calling feature will be an end to end encrypted and will work from any part of the world.

What do you think of this amazing feature.?