Send WhatsApp Msg Without Adding Contact

To send a message on WhatsApp to anyone adding contacts was must. But, now you can send WhatsApp message to anyone without adding their contact on your phone list.

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Here are simple steps you need to follow for sending message without adding them in your contact list

  1. Go to your browser and paste the link
    at the place of X you need to enter the number with country code to which you want to send a message.

  2. Once you have pressed enter the following window will open.
  3. From here click on message. WhatApp on the phone will directly open the chat window to that particular contact which you have selected.
  4. Simply, type the message and can send it. You can also share the documents, Images and all the stuff as well.

The good part of this facility is you do not need to store the unwanted number to chat with them on messaging App