PM Modi : Yeh PUBG wala hai

Today the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi was hosting the 2nd session of  Pariksha Pe Charcha.

While PM Modi was interacting with students and parents about exams stress students go through. A question was raised by a mother who was worried like other parents.

PM Modi

A mother named Madhumita Sen Gupta asked: “My son is a class 9 student. He was a very bright student, and teachers used to appreciate him for his academic performance. But lately, mobile games are distracting his academics. I have tried several times but, looks like I failed in doing so. Kindly suggest a way out.”

PM Modi after listening to the question, kept giggling and then said with a broad smile, “Ye PUBG wala hai kya?” and the whole crowd of students started laughing and shouting. He then said, “Yaa to Frontline wala hoga’.

Here is the video:

PM Modi reply left everyone at the venue and on the twitter in splits.