This Guy’s Phone Password Is Surely A Major Headache For The Hackers To Break Down

In this Internet world, everything is digital and to keep the data safe we use the password. With major chances of the most password to be the same because it tough to remember so many different passwords.


A guy on Twitter posted a video of unlocking his phone. Check out the passcode of this guys phone which surely is very complex and extremely difficult to remember.

The guy names Mickey is a hacker and has set up a pretty tight secure code.

Usually, cell phone password contains four or six digits in general but, Apple gives to the option to set such insane passcode, you just have to activate the option.

For custom numeric or alphanumeric code there is some limit set which the manufacturers don’t expect you to reach. But, Mickey’s password is some infinity numeric long which isn’t breakable.

Anyways, Twitter has some views to express over the password.

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