Smartphone Heating Issue

A smartphone is an essential part of our regular life. Our day to day life works with the help of the smartphone as they can do so many necessary tasks in our day to day life. Looking at the conclusion is smartphone has become the fundamental requirement for all of us and are beneficial in several aspects.

All the smartphone are better in their unique way, and there are tiny issues with them as well but, the heating issue is the one which started from the initial stages of the smartphone era and the resolution to this is still not been satisfactory.

It tends to be two reasons for heating of smartphones.

  1. Heating GPU and Processor, i.e. the upper part of a phone.
  2. If the battery is heated, i.e. the lower part of the phone.

Putting the light on the first point. So, it’s good for a smartphone to get heated from CPU and GPU which indicates that heat dissipation of the smartphone is good. Its nothing to worry about because all the components that are attached to the motherboard can intake the high temperature.

The only issue with GPU and CPU heating up is with your hand while using the phone. It will be slightly uncomfortable. Thermal throttling will happen if the motherboard is heated up enough which means that the system will stop working and will reduce the performance of your device, which will reduce the heating up the device.


Now to solve this issue, you need to find out the reason why the processor is heating up. It may be due to the cause such as ::

  1. A random application which may be running in the background and taking up all the CPU. You need to uninstall the application to solve it out. You can freeze the application using the freezer app such as Icebox and few more available on play store.
  2. It may also happen due to a software update, which may be solved out through the device customer care.
  3. Another reason can be because of playing games regularly can cause heating of device.

Heating up of equipment from the bottom is a reason to worry. This may happen due to reason such as :

  1. You may be using the fast charger whereas the smartphone you are using does not have a fast charging feature.
  2. You need to use the standard charger came along with the handset, which will help in good battery life.
  3. If your battery is damaged or has a minor issue, exchanging is a way better option.

Not To Do :

Do not ever go through the advice of keeping the smartphone in the refrigerator. It may ultimately damage your battery and even risk of getting battery exploded. When the temperature changes immediately from high to low or low to high increases the chances of damaging.

These are some tips which may be extremely useful for your device to reduce the heating issue with your smartphone device.