Android 9 Pie

Google started to roll out Android 9 Pie — The Latest Android Version today, which was unexpected. The first to receive the update is Pixel devices and Essential Phone.

Earlier today Google announced the official name of the latest version of its mobile operating system as Pie. And to everyone’s surprise update for Google-owned Pixel devices and essential phone have also pushed. Devices that were enrolled in the Android Beta program will also be getting the Pie update “by the end of this fall.”

Other Android devices will get the update throughout this year, says Google. The feature in which user can check out how much time they used an app called “Digital Wellbeing” is not out yet and Google says it’ll be updated in the later parts of years. Those who have enrolled in the beta version with Pixel devices can use this feature.

Here’s a list of things Pie is supposed to be able to get right:

  • Prioritise battery power for your most-used apps.
  • Set the brightness to how you like it, depending on your setting.
  • Offer actions in apps based on your previous activities – for example, suggest a route to work during your morning commute.
  • Later this year show “Slices” of apps in other apps – for example, searching for Lyft in Google Search displays a small section from the Lyft application with ride prices, and so on.
  • The system navigation bar has a single home button, and the ability to swipe up to see an overview of the device.
  • Options displayed for selected text depend on the context and meaning of the words. For example, if you highlight the name of a restaurant, you’ll be offered to search for Yelp reviews of the place.