Facetime bug

Technology has given us so much power in our hand but, also has the potential to ruin us. As new technology comes into existences, they require proper testing before handing it to the public. Still, after testing phase bug might dig up. Apple’s Facetime users are experiencing the same issue.

source : Thomas Trutschel—Photothek/Getty Images

According to 9to5mac, a significant bug discovered in Facetime, where the recipient can hear the audio as well can see the video even before the call is picked up. This goes on until the user accepts or reject the call. The bug is discovered in the iOS device of 12.1 and above. This bug has raised several privacy questions in the mind of iPhone users.

This seems like a major breach of privacy, as the person you have facetimed will have access to your audio as well as the video if he ignores the call by pressing the lock button. With zero efforts involved, you can have the secrets out.

iPhone Facetime bug
source : Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters

iOS users are calling out Apple on the Twitter and demanding the solution instantly.

Tech giant Apple reported to have identified the issue and have said that the bug will be resolved later this week through a software update. Till then disable the Facetime or let the secrets come out.

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