Yoko Ono gets best advise from ICC

Yoko Ono is a Japanese multimedia artist, singer, songwriter and peace activist. She performs in both English and Japanese and film-making. Recently, Yoko Ono took Twitter and asked her followers to get some life advice.

The artist received a humongous variable response but, ICC’s advise the stand out from all the advise. International Cricket Council replied:ย Never leave your crease with MS Dhoni behind the stumps.

The reference was taken from the most recent match concluded against New Zealand in which Dhoni swiftly ran out James Neesham.

Every cricket fan knows how quick MS is behind the stump. Indian fans have few memories of how Dhoni turned the match in India’s favour. He is the best cricketing brain in cricket and a super quick with gloves in hand.

The response from the ICC won hearts and received applause.