Twitter Comes Up Funny Caption As Virat Kohli Spotted Shaking Hands With An Invisible Man

India’s World Cup campaign is going on track as they topped the table with 15 points and will now take 4th place New Zealand in the first World Cup Semifinal.

Kohli is always in the news irrespective of what he does. Here all the attention is on World No.1 Batsman. His image is posted on Instagram by superstar John Cena where Virat is extending his hand for shaking.


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However, when the picture was clicked the person whose hand Kohli was about to shake wasn’t in the frame. So, it looked like he was shaking hands with an invisible person. And we all know John Cena’s tagline “You can’t see me.”

After WWE star posted the picture of Virat, Twitterati started to post the image with some captions on the skipper’s image. Some with funny caption some with sarcasm, few with humour and many more.