Umpire keeps ball in pocket and forgets

In the ongoing match between Royal Challengers Banglore and Kings XI Punjab, a bizarre incident happened during RCB’s batting. As the 2nd strategic time out was taken in after the 14th over and the ball was given to the umpire Oxenford.

Oxenford hands the ball to Shamshuddin and he keeps the ball in his pocket. As bowler marks his run-up he asks for the ball and both the umpire starts searching the ball.

The fourth umpire then rushed onto the field with a new set of match balls. Even as the umpires decided to replace the lost ball, television replays played on the big screen. The replays showed Oxenford handing the match ball to Shamshuddin before the timeout. Shamsuddin was seen putting the ball into his pockets.

Realising his slip up, Shamshuddin rushed to the centre of the pitch and handed the match ball to the bowler. The fourth umpire, with a set of new match balls, then hurried off the field before play resumed.

Here is the video of the incident.

Video: BCCI/

The ball lost incident left everyone in splits.