Man Utd Manager Jose Mourinho be like after a comeback

What a Day.! What a Day for Football I must say.

From 0-2 down at Half Time to winning 3-2 Manchester United were absolutely thrilling to watch in the second half. In the first-half Man Utd was 2-0 down inside 10 minutes. It was looking like the end is near for the special one. In the history of Man Utd, they were 2-0 down for the first time inside 10 minutes.

Then comes the second half and Jose Mourinho converted his team and everything changed. What football have they played not just football the attacking one at its best. It was beautiful to watch. Jose was super animated in the second half.

This is best attacking half Man Utd have played under Mourinho.

Twitter trashed Mourinho terribly in the first half and admire heavily after the second. Twitter reaction on either side of the half.


Sorry Utd Fans

Pundits are always wrong.

3 point in the bag at the cost of Mourinho