Ravi Shastri LookALike
source : Twitter

Ravi Shastri is often trolled and this time is no different. This time as well he is trolled taking a reference to his look-alike. The fact can’t deny that he stands in the top for being the favourite troll — somehow he has to be trolled.

Back when India won Asia Cup #SackRaviShartri was trending for no reason. This time as well head coach was trolled not because he was in the news because an image of his lookalike went viral.

Ravi Shastri
source : Twitter

He looks similar to the Ravi Shastri.

Ravi Shastri,

Twitter thinks the same and they didn’t even spare a minute to let the chance of trolling Indian coach make go. Hilarious tweets started to pour in.

Here is how Twitter trolled Ravi Shastri

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