After Biscuit Trophy, Pakistan Cricket Board Embraces Them Self’s With “Oye Hoye” Trophy

Crickets fans from Pakistan hadn’t forgotten the embarrassment they had to go through few weeks before when PCB introduced a biscuit trophy against Australia in T20 series. That trophy was hugely criticized on Twitter. Now its Oye Hoye Trophy

After biskit trophy, PCB introduces Oye Hoye Trophy

It looks like Pakistan Cricket Board haven’t learned a lesson from that. Now as the Pakistan New Zealand test series started today. The trophy was unveiled yesterday. This trophy was more worst than the previous one.

As the previous trophy was biscuit shaped and hence name the same this time, they went ahead and named “OYE HOYE” written itself on the award.

Here is the OYE HOYE Trophy

Twitter Reacts to OYE HOYE Trophy

Bring it on.

Another embarrassment with Oye Hoye Trophy

True That


That’s not far away.!