Naomi Osaka winning moment
Naomi Osaka winning moment (source : Twitter)

Women’s Finals of US Open was concluded, and it was the controversial one. The first major single title for the Japanese Naomi Osaka ended in the way no one wanted. Before this Japanese 20-years-old Tennis star had never made it to the quarter-final of Grand slam, but now she is taking home a first-place trophy and $3.8 million in prize money.

Naomi Osaka will now be ranked 7, the first Japanese woman to do so.

Naomi Osaka won the match in two straight sets 6-2, 6-4, But, it was in the second set where Serena William was given a penalty making her lose a point at first and a game in second.

Before this, the Chair umpire has already warned William not to take coaching to advise. To which Serena responded.

Here is where Serena lost it.

Serena William vs Naomi Osaka's (Us open Final's 2018)
source Twitter

Once after the match was concluded Osaka, didn’t even bother to celebrate her first major title. This was because her ideal Serena William was at losing end and all the controversy that surrounded the game of Tennis.

Remember, Naomi Osaka is Just 20 Years Old, Such Maturity.

I have literally never seen a trophy ceremony like this. The fans are upset. The loser is upset. The winner is even upset. And everyone’s got tears in their eyes.

Arthur Ashe Stadium was cheering Serena William in the presentation ceremony and was in tears to see all that happened, which no one was expecting.

Serena William has to interrupt and asked the crowd to stop booing during Naomi’s moment. Unforgettable.

Not only Arthur Ashe was cheering, and it was Twitter as well flooded with tweets in support of there player.