Manchester United made a sensational comeback against PSG after going 2-0 down at home. They won 3-1 in Paris and progressed on away goal. The game went all the way to the stoppage time when VAR helped man united to get a stoppage-time penalty which  Rashford fires and reds progressed last 8.

A Manchester United Timmy Chin made a prediction of the game and it went the same way in Paris. His prediction was spot on.

On Wednesday morning Chin Tweeted:

“Honestly got a good feeling about this. Probably either we get totally hammered or we really put on a show. Lukaku with 2. Psg comes back with 1 and rashford fires home 92mins into injury time!”

The tweet is giving him so much attention from around the world not only from the Man United fans but the players also reacted and the club also tweeted his tweet.

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It’s been a pretty crazy week for Timmy Chin.