Liverpool loses title hope

It is one of those days for Manchester United when you just can’t decide whom to support. If you lose you are out of the top 4 if you win you win Liverpool gets upper hand in the title race.

It was a good day for Man City at the office. All points tick. And was the worst day for Liverpool at home. The title almost went.

Liverpool needed Man Utd to win or to draw the game but looks like Kloop will have to wait. Man City are just too good. They won the game 2-0 with Silva scoring in the 54th minute and Sane in the 66th minute and destroying Liverpool fans dream.

With 3 games to play, Man City is a point ahead of Liverpool and have their fate in their own hands. And no one is expecting a slip from City except Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Meanwhile, Twitter was in a whole lot of confusion today.