India Is Slamming ABP News For Asking Irrelevant Question On India’s Loss

After India’s heartbreaking loss which ended the World Cup’s dream every fan in this tough times stands with the players. Indian team played a good game and in the end, fell short by 18 runs.

In this tough time, one of the Indian news channel on Twitter asked a completely irrelevant question. ABP News asked: Who is responsible for Team India’s WC semi-final loss against New Zealand? With top 3 batsmen Rohit, Rahul and Kohli in option.

After ABP news posted the poll, everyone in one voice are slamming the media house. It was a good game of cricket where India fought till the end. There is uncertainty in the game of cricket. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win.

Rohit Sharma

Everyone needs to accept this and stands with the country. The media trying to divide the nation on the names of the players is below par. We as a team, as a country, as one should stand with the Indian team. Celebrating win is pretty easy but standing in loss isn’t.

Twitter is rightly slamming the ABP news for their inaccurate poll.

Indian media houses needed to be responsible and here ABP news was so insensitive in accepting India’s defeat.