Football is the most popular game in the world. Football is love. We all can show our passion for the sport in a unconventional way but, this guy named Ridvan went a step ahead of everyone in showing his love.

He took a break from his marriage for 5 minutes to play Football as his team FIFA Manjeri needs him in Malappuram 7s match.

Ridvan asked 5 minutes from his bride and went on to the Football field where he came back victorious and played an integral part. But, back home everything wasn’t going smooth.


At home, his family were having the longest, hardest 5 minutes of there life. The bride was in the state of shock as his going to be husband choose a match over her.

The Bride was angry and asked him:

So if the game was at noon, would you cancel the marriage for the game?

How he managed to overcome such tensed situation is still unknown but, such passion for the game from Ridvan didn’t go unnoticed. Twitter applaud his act.