Dog Saves Goal

Football is an amazing sport and specially if it’s from South America the joy increases. They have surprises in the pocket. Argentina Football never fails to surprise. Let be players or game it’s stunning to watch.

In a 3rd division match between Juventud Unida de Gualeguaychú and Defensores de Belgrano de Villa Ramallo. As home team was looking to extend there 3-0 lead against there opponent, a dog came between the goal and 4-0 lead.

As goalkeeper tried to clear ball with a long pass, its, unfortunately, struck to the opponent and the ball bounces in front of him for an easy tap-in, in an empty goal to extend team lead to 4-0. But, little he knew a dog is between the goal and 4-0 lead.

This isn’t the first time a dog interrupted a match. Dogs coming on to the pitch is quite common in Argentina. But, at the perfect place at a perfect time make news and the dog was a perfectionist in that art. Netizens were having some random reaction to the event.

Well, that was some safe. Jordan Pickford, David De Gea are you watching.?