We might have witness the best night of Champions League this season. Ajax have not just eliminated Real Madrid in there own backyard but, humiliated in front of there own fans.

Ajax was a far better team in the first leg as well but, the score didn’t go there way but, in the second leg they were better by a mile and crushed European Champions. In the space of seven days Real Madrid have lost it all.

Within seven days Real Madrid lost it all.

In the 7th minute of the game Ajax took the lead with Hakim Ziyech and ten minutes later it was David Neres who doubled Ajax lead and the Santiago Bernaneu was in shock.

Real Madrid - Ajax

Fans were hoping for a turn around in the second half but away team had some other plan. Former Southampton man Dusan Tadic scored a third for Ajax. Marco Asensio scored for Real Madrid in the 70th minute and gave some home to the home team but, two minutes later Lasse Schone scored an exceptional free kick to completely destroy the home team hopes.

Real Madrid are out of Champions League, Copa del Rey and are trailing 12 points behind league leaders Barcelona. Trophy-less season awaits Real Madrid.

Twitter reacts to Real Madrid humiliating defeat:

Real Madrid 2018-2019 Season: Trophy-less.