Priyanka Gandhi In Kerala Talks About Football In Political Rally, Twitter Ask Relevance Between Two

Before the general election, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra made her officially active in politics. After campaigning in Uttar Pradesh she moved to Kerala, where Rahul Gandhi is fighting from Wayanad apart from Amethi.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

In Areekode, Kerala in an election rally Priyanka Gandhi talks about Football and related all her family members in it. From Rahul Gandhi to Indra Gandhi and her son, she mentioned them all.

“Not many people know Indira Ji, my grandmother used to watch World Cup Soccer. In 1982 we were watching the final, I asked her, ‘Who’re you cheering for?’. She said, ‘India isn’t playing so I’ll cheer for Italy, today.’ My son & Rahul Ji are great soccer fans.”

After her statement, Twitter tried to find the relevance between Football and election. How they both are related. After failing, the trolling game began.