Indian General Elections are just three weeks away and political parties are not leaving a store unturned to counter each other’s opposition. As the election date nears attack on each other increases day by day. Just days before Bhartiya Janta Party launched their campaign song for this election season and after that, all the BJP leaders are adding ‘Chowkidar’ as a prefix on their Twitter handle.

Starting from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP Chief Amit Shah and almost all the big BJP leaders has included ‘Chowkidar’ as a prefix. Now, going with the same trend common people are also doing the same and have started to add ‘Chowkidar’ in there Twitter handle as well.

Now, to counter BJP’s campaign, Hardik Patel who recently joined Congress added ‘Berojgar’ as a prefix on his Twitter handle. Hardik Patel Prefix Berojgar to counter Chowkidar

‘Chowkidar’ and ‘Berojgar’ are top trending on Twitter since Saturday as the counter on each other is going strong on Twitter. Several workers of Congress have also joined the campaign and the engagement is increasing. However, Congress has not yet officially adopted this.