‘I Don’t Know, Was Given Bed Tea Very Late’: Moon Moon Sen On Clashes In Asansol

During voting, news of violence is coming out from West Bengal every time. In the 4th phase of voting, violence erupted in Asansol between BJP and TMC workers. Police officials had to lathi charge the crowd to control the situation.

When asked about the same with the TMC candidate Moon Moon Sen she said: “I haven’t heard anything. They gave me my bed tea very late so I woke up very late. What can I say? I really don’t know.”

Clashes erupted in some polling booths on Monday morning between workers of the BJP and Bengal’s ruling party TMC. BJP’s candidate from Asansol Babul Supriyo alleged that Trinamool Congress workers were taking over booths and not allowing people to vote. His car was also vandalized.

Asked about Babul Supriyo’s allegations, Moon Moon Sen said: “Don’t say his name, please. I won’t talk then.”

Moon Moon Sen

When asking about violence during the election, Moon Moon Sen, said: “You were too young to see when the Communists were in power. It is all over India, not just Bengal.”

Her statement of getting late bed tea draw several reactions on social media.  Here are a few of them.