Rahul Gandhi in Election Rally

Indian general elections are just two weeks away and attacks on oppositions are growing day by day. Some tall promises are made to lure voters. This election Congress President Rahul Gandhi promised guarantee minimum income to the 20% people whose monthly income is less than ₹12,000 will be given ₹72,000/year.

Some are calling it a game changer for 2019 election while the political analysts are saying it’ll not be an easy task to implement such a massive scheme. What all stands above all are that Congress President is speaking every other thing at a different rally.

Rahul Gandhi started with ₹72,000/year then ₹72,000/month and today he said ₹72,000 Cr/year.

Speaking different amount at different rallies is what started a trend to troll Rahul Gandhi and this was started a hashtag with the name #CharsiPappu.

Here are some of the tweets from the hashtag:

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