Today a shocking video came out from Uttar Pradesh where the two BJP leaders were hitting one another with a shoe. Sant Kabir Nagar BJP MP Sharad Tripathi attacked local BJP MLA Rakesh Baghel during a public meeting.

The argument started over an issue of MP’s name being missing from the inauguration plate. The argument soon turned into the battleground. BJP MP lost all his temper and without a second thought about his post took out his shoe and started to beat his own party MLA.

BJP MLA took a second or two to realize what just happened gather himself and went to Sharad Tripathi and started hitting him as well. Everyone in the hall was in the sense of the shock of what they have witnessed.

At last, cops present there got between the two BJP leaders and separated them. The video of two fighting is circulated all over social media and went viral in no time.

MP Sharad Tripathi gave justification and said I regret the incident and feel bad about it.

BJP’s Uttar Pradesh president M N Pandey said strict disciplinary action will be taken against both.

Two public servants fighting over a minor issue is such s shame. Localities haven’t given them votes to see the shoe fight instead were elected for some development for the betterment of people.