Family Lodges Complain After Finding Plastic Fibre In Paneer Dishes. Zomato Apologises

The food delivering service Zomato is again in the news and all for the wrong reasons this time as well. Last month a video in which the delivery guy was seen eating food and sealing it back went super viral. People were anxious then and trust issue was raised.

On Friday, a family in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad was in for a shocking ‘treat’ after they found plastic fibre in the paneer items they had ordered through Zomato.


Sachin Jamdare alleged that plastic fibre was found in the items he ordered. “I ordered paneer chilly, paneer masala, etc. for my children. When we started eating, my daughter told me the paneer was very hard and her teeth hurt while chewing it. When I tasted it, I found fibre.”

Jamdare said — I was worried about my children’s health. I went to the restaurant to speak with the owner but, he did not respond satisfactorily and blamed everything on food delivering company.

Sachin Jamdare

As his concern was unheard, Mr. Sachin decided to lodge a complaint. “I wanted to raise awareness among our countrymen how these people can play with our health for something as little as Rs150,” Jamdare said.

Later, looking at the incident, Zomato released the apologetic statement said that the restaurant in question is removed from our platform. We are deeply committed to food safety, quality, and hygiene. The Company refunded the amount to the customer as well.