Watch The Video Of Indian Dancing And Celebrating At Wagah Border After Air Surgical Strike

India has Air Strike Pakistan today in early hours after 13 days of Pulwama attack by JeM. The attack has destroyed multiple launch pads from where terrorist activities take place. The country is celebrating the Air Strike done by the Indian Air Force, which can be seen at Wagah Border as well.

Wagah Border

Wagah Border is one of those places in the country where people often visit to watch the border ceremony conducted regularly by both the army. It is one of the places which creates the best atmosphere and gives goosebumps.

The place is often crowded and on national occasions, it is overly crowded. Today, as the whole country is celebrating the Air Surgical Strike, carried out by IAF, local people gathered at the Wagah Border to show some josh  — Which is super high.

Localities gathered at the venue in huge numbers and are dancing at the border. This is some way to show the josh. I wonder how the Pakistan army present at the border might be feeling 😂 😂 😂.

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