Uber Driver Misbehave

Misbehaving with passengers has now become a regular activity for the cab drivers. This unprofessional behaviour is now coming to the public all thanks to Twitter. Yesterday a woman has accused a Uber driver of making lewd comments and misbehaving with her.

Amrita Das, a Delhi journalist share her ordeal and called for action against the driver on Twitter.

Das called driver creepy and also accused him of passing lewd comments. The incident happened when she was with her husband. She tweeted:

“Rude and creepy driver. I demand action. First he refused to turn on ac then says garmi lag rahi hai to age mere godi me baith jao. He also ended trip moments after starting to drive and forced me out. This is when I was with husband.”

Uber support replied soon after her tweet: We’re so sorry to hear about this. Our team has recently responded via email. Please reply there if you have additional questions.

Soon, after Amrita Das tweet, Twitter started to tag Delhi Police and are demanding action against the driver.

These incidents are increasing day by day. Cabs service providers must take some strict steps to ensure this unprofessionalism must be stopped immediately.