Train 18
source : Twitter

Previously it was Tejas Express later it was Signature Bridge and now before it’s Train 18 India’s fastest train which was even open for public. Train 18 was all set to hit the track on December 29th from Varanasi.

Train 18 was on a trail run from Delhi to Agra and was scheduled to be flagged By Prime Minister. The train is India’s first engineless train and was designed to replace Shatabdi trains and will run between Delhi and Varanasi.

Train 18

Train manufactured by ICG Chennai comes with onboard WiFi, a GPS-based passenger information system, touch-free bio-vacuum toilets, LED lighting, mobile charging points and a climate control system.

But, it looks like we don’t deserve development or anything useful.

Twitter was equally furious to this stupid act. Several high-rank officials have tweeted over the issue.