Professor Apologize ABVP By Touching Feet
source : YouTube

A video of a Professor from government college of postgraduate, Mandsaur is getting viral as the professor is seen touching feet of the ABVP workers after they threaten him with a police complaint.

Professor Dinesh Gupta was taking a class when AVBP workers were shouting slogan outside his class, and we’re going to principal’s office to submit a memorandum against the delay in the result of 4th-semester results. Because of the slogan shouting the professor who was teaching, it became difficult for him to continue.

Professor asked them to stop shouting slogans which made them enraged. The protestors who then alleged that Gupta was stopping them from saying “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”. They demanded an apology from a professor or else to file a police complaint and termed him as anti-national.

Professor was sacred, and when workers were relented, he asked them to stand in line and one after another he started touching their feet. Later the fellow faculty calm down the professor.

Image Source : YouTube

Speaking to the media, Professor told they are not students they are only involved in political issues. ABVP workers kept calling me anti-national, so I bowed down to them. I want the student to progress in there life and nothing else.

MLA of Mandsour, Yashpal Singh Sisodiya who represents Bhartiya Janta Party while speaking to media told the incident was not as big as it was being made out to be. There is no video footage to prove that ABVP workers forced him to apologise to touch their feet. MLA also said all this action was done on his own.

“Whatever the senior faculty member did was an outcome of anger and irritation which he could have avoided,” adding that the ABVP workers should not have disrupted the classes — ABVP national executive member Ankit Garg said.

Now as this clip is getting viral on social media. On this issue, Congress has targeted BJP on the pretext of ABVP workers.