Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

When he gave a speech in Parliament two days ago in reply to the opposition on their non-confidence motion, he showed his leadership skills and his spontaneity. The no-confidence motion was won easily by the Modi let NDA Government as expected. What highlighted the whole session of Parliament was Rahul Gandhi’s sudden hug to Narendra Modi as soon as he completes his speech.

Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi

Later giving his speech in Parliament, PM encountered Congress President about his eye winking incident in Parliament and the incident where Rahul Gandhi hugged PM. He left no stone unturned in trapping RaGa.

Very next day he was addressing a rally in Shahjahanpur. People started tweeting using hashtag #PMInShahjahanpur.

Usually, Narendra Modi doesn’t reply to tweets but this cam as a surprise that he answered few random tweets.

One of the user tweeted our PM to smile more often

To which, he replied in a sweet manner:

Another user Ganesh Shankar praises PM for his hard work, “Oh..I saw our PM @narendramodi in parliament on Marathon discussion which went on till late night yesterday. Today, I switched on TV being weekend very late at around 12 Noon..could see him addressing farmers in Shajahanpur, UP. Tireless even at 60-70s..Whav!!”

He also replied to a tweet related to Swachh Bharath.