Pollachi Sex Scandal Accused

This is one of the most horrifying rape incidents in India. Pollachi sex scandal came to light in last month but, doesn’t got national media coverage. The crime is so humongous that normal humans can’t even think of it but, some have gone far and have committed it.

The crime first reported when a college girl approached police and reported against four men who invited her for a meeting on February 12th and sexually assaulted her in a car. Based on the complaint four people — Thirunavakkarasu, Sathish, Sabariraj and Vasanthkumar were arrested.

Pollachi Sex Scandal Accused

In the beginning, cops had no idea of a magnitude of the crime but, after looking into there mobile phone, police find videos of 50 women in the age group 18-35 including working women and college students.

According to the police, the gang uses Social Media to identify their targets, then befriend them. After winning there confidence invites them for a meeting where they sexually assaulted the women and filmed the act.

Later, the gang uses these videos to blackmail them extort money, demands sexual favours. Police says crimes go unreported as the victims didn’t come forward in fear of shame. As of now, only one case is reported against them.

The horror incident took a political turn after the name of a ruling party, AIADMK leader A Nagaraj came out who was involved in threatening the brother of the complainant after he confronted rapist.

AIADMK has removed him from the party and distance themselves to comment on it.

Police too have come under fire in the case after they revealed the identity of the complainant, which is a violation of the law.

Here is a video who claims a shocking number of women’s accused.

It is believed that the gang is active from 2012 and have harassed, abused, raped more than 250 girls. And around 1100 videos are found on there mobile phone.