Police constable Poonam Billore

Police officers main job is to save peoples life and a police constable from Madhya Pradesh is proving it as well. We heard negative news of police officers but, one cant deny the face that police officers go beyond  their call of duty to save lives.

Police constable Poonam Billore from Madhya Pradesh ran for more than 1 Km carrying a injured person on his back.

Police constable Poonam Billore

The incident took place in Hoshangabad. The man who is identified as Ajit from Uttar Pradesh, fell from a train on Saturday near Paghdal railway station. The police received the reports of the incident of the same and rushed to the spot.

As the injured person was lying on the railway track it wasn’t possible for an ambulance to reach the spot. So without wasting time constable Poonam Billore hoisted the man on his back and started running along the tracks. He ran for over a kilometre with the injured man on his back.

After reaching to the ambulance, the injured person was taken to the hospital. Later, due to severe injuries he was shifted to the district hospital in Hoshangabad.

Twitter is praising the efforts of the Police officer.

Ajit suffered the head injuries but, with the efforts of the constable he reached on time and is now out of danger. Because of the acumen of the officers a life is saved.