Farmers Protested By Sending Money to PMO

Farmers in India are not having a good phase. Recently farmers who received a little over ₹1 for onions protested by sending the money to Prime Minister’s Office. After that few other farmers also send money in Maharastra’s CMO in the form of protest.

A day or 2 days ago news surfaced that PMO sent that money back to the farmers and asked to pay it digitally. Dainik Bhaskar reported this and later by multiple news portal, giving the reference of the initial report.

The fact is that the PMO returned the money and didn’t ask to transfer the amount online. The news which circulated was fake as multiple news portal did a reality check.

While talking to Sanjay Sathe, a farmer from Maharashtra’s Nashik India Today confirmed that he send the money to the PMO through money order. The money was returned to the Sathe and PMO didn’t ask him to send the payment online.

Farmers Protested By Sending Money to PMO

Speaking to India Today, Sathe said, “I had sent a money order to the PMO on November 29. On December 10, I received a call from the post office stating that my money order has been rejected and I should collect my money.” He went to the post office and collected the money on December 10.

Farmers Protested By Sending Money to PMO

Previously, the farmer earned ₹1064 for selling 750 Kgs of onions. He send the entire amount to the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) as a mark of protest.

All Image Source : IndiaToday