Indian Reacts To The Pakistani Demanding ‘Noble Peace Prize’ For Imran Khan

Tension is high between India and Pakistan as lots of activities are going on at the border. At one side Pakistan released IAF pilot Abhinandan as a peace gesture while continuously doing ceasefire violation at various place. In between so many instants taking place, one of the Pakistan ministers have submitted a resolution demanding ‘Noble Peace Prize’ of Imran Khan

Chaudhry Fawad Hussain nominated Imran Khan for Noble Peace Prize
Chaudhary Fawad Hussain, Minister of Information and Broadcasting in Pakistan have written to National Assembly and mentioned about Pakistani PM’s role in reducing the tension across the border. He also blamed the Indian leadership and mentioned that the aggression by Indian had brought two nuclear weapon states to the brink of war endangering the life of  10 millions of people. 

Keeping all this in mind Imran Khan may be given ‘Noble Peace Prize’ — He added.

After the news came out, Indian have nothing but to laugh hard after the demand of ‘Noble Peace Prize’ for the terror country’s Prime Minister.

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